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Calumet Tank & Equipment Co., Inc.

12440 S. Stony Island Ave.

Chicago, IL 60633

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A Proven System for Customized Tank Cleaning  


At Calumet, we are open 24/7 and waiting to wash your tank or ISO container! Our customers receive timely, thorough cleanings with our proven, 10-point “Calumet Clean” inspection system. Each step is essential for achieving a spotlessly clean, dry and odor free vessel inside and out.  

We also specialize in your complicated situations, such as kosher washes.  


A Welcome  Wait for Drivers


During their wash, drivers can relax in our comfortable lounge that is open 24/7 and offers hot popcorn, coffee, occasional lunches, and free hot showers.  Drivers are also welcome to park overnight in our secure yard which is well-lit and features 24/7, close-circuit video surveillance.  


A “Clean” Reputation to Protect


Our reputation is as clean as our tanks!  We preserve it by keeping customers on schedule with twice-daily communication on the status of their tanks. Also, as a family business, our day-to-day involvement is personal.  We are accessible, and build solid relationships with customers who know they can depend on us to get the job done!  


Calumet’s water treatment procedure complies with the City of Chicago regulations.  We employ several onsite licensed waste water treatment operators.

• Steam/dry

• Hot/cold water flush and dry

• Caustic  steam and flush

• Soap wash & dry

• Stripper wash & dry

• Product heating

    (hot water or steam)

• Exterior wash/trailer

• Vacuum testing

• Food Grade wash

• Kosher wash

• Presolve wash & dry

• Passivation of trailers

• Micro-bacterial swab testing

Our tank services include:

CTE Drivers Room